Success Stories

“My sister and I are very passionate about gym. We have started working in a gym.” – Sara

Sara is a fitness coach and her sister is helping her with that job.

Every morning they go jogging and after that they would go to gym, their biggest passion.

While she is working as a coach, Sara learns a lot about building muscules. Last year she found Fitness Gun on AliExpress.

She bought it and was amaized with results. People started asking her product she was using to build her muscules.

Sara wanted to be sure that her clients would get the same fitness gun she was using.

That gave her idea to start a dropshipping business with her sister.

They start with Shopify platform because it is the biggest platform for dropshippers. In a few clicks they opened their store and created one product shop.

To build visitors trust they use Reviify app. It’s an app that imports all reviews from Aliexpress in just one click.

Now they have their store ready and marketing campaign should start.

They would like to try themselves in marketing without spending a dollar.

Sara’s sister has made a video “how she use the Fitness gun to build muscules” and Sara has made fitness plan “how to build a muscule in 45 days with the gun”.

They invite all of their friends to visit the shop. Their friends couldn’t belive that there is such thing like a gun that builds your mucules.

First orders come, and now they can invest that money in Instagram campaign with the video.

Every day they have more orders.

First month was full of ups and downs. Reach of their campaign varied through days. Some days they would invest little and earn back a lot but other days weren’t as good.

They finish it with $3.000 of sales.

They make one more video and at the very end of the second month big boom happens – they have a $700 day.

Sara and her sister are very happy and they know that business is going in a good direction.

They continue with campaign and the end of the thirth month is briliant for them – $60.000 of profit.

“Building a dropshiping business is not easy. Passion is a biggest thing here – to love your store and product.

We dropshippers make a sale because we have good social proof – and I would like to give credits to Reviify

for doing that job for us.” – Sara

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