Three options that are really worth the try are importing only 4,5 rated reviews, placement and design of reviews (makes your shop stand out) and name generator (makes reviews even more trust-worthy). Thousand recommendations for the app!

Julie Fernsby

Excellent app. Support is very fast with replies and helpful. This app saved me a lot of time, which is great for my business. User-friendly interface 10/10

Robert Sherwood

I first tried the app because it had a free plan and I needed a review importer. I am so satisfied with it, that I upgraded to PRO plan. Now I can even skip keywords that aren’t good for my brand image

Lena Martins

Super app, I like it very very much. I like skipping reviews without any content and this app allows it. It is definitely the BEST app for importing reviews from Aliexpress!

Sam Rooney

Wonderful app! It has so many beautiful and helpful options. Import is super fast (especially because you can import a lot of reviews at once).

Jamie Brooks

Cool app! It looks very good, import is very fast. I like the fact that you can customize almost everything, it makes the app very useful. I can sense that it will bring a lot of conversion on my shop. Keep the good work!

Tom Stievens

This is the best Shopify app EVER. It is very fast and easy to use. They have tons of features that really help improve the look of your store. You can get the best out of reviews by using this app. I highly recommend it to anyone willing to boost their shop’s conversion. Thank you for this great app!

Rachael Green

I just discovered pop-ups this app offers and I’m in love. They are really good for grabbing attention and promotion of other products. Great job for making this!

Milly Johnson

This app is fantastic. I have a local shop so being able to have it in Spanish is really good. My customers love to see offers in their first language.

Emilio Gaos

I really love this app. I was struggling with making any profit on my store due to lack of purchases. I searched the Internet for some solution and found this app. I was skeptical at first because I didn’t understand the value of reviews and ratings on my product pages. When I got the grip of Reviify I noticed this great change. New shop visitors actually made purchases. I am so thankful that such an app exists.

Jenna Smith